New Year’s Eve draws closer by the day. There is one thing you will need along with champagne and your love one– a beautiful and stunning dress! Do you have a dress for the New Year? No? Visit Denver’s shopping stores such as H&M, Bebe, Nostrums, etc. and find your perfect New Year’s Eve dress. Girls whom like to stand out from the crowd should wear eye-popping gold, bright reds, and dazzling silvers. With black dress, you will be like other people of the crowd, boring and dull. Pinks, blacks, yellows and even blues make for great NYE party colors. Pick today dress that fits great on you and get ready to party at the Hilton Double Tree in the Denver Tech Center’s New Years Eve Party: White Rose Gala & Champagne Hotel.

This year’s theme is Theatre de Marionette! Have fun and be creative with it!

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