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  • Photo of Performer for NYE Denver 2013

Miss Ballon

  • Photo of Performer for NYE Denver 2013

Quill the Clown

  • Photo of Performer for NYE Denver 2013

Miss Brady

  • Photo of Ice Sculpture

Cool Hand

  • Photo of Performer for NYE Denver 2013


Pandemonium began his performance career  over 10 years ago on the main stage for the Erotica Exotica Ball at the Boulder Theater.  This performance artist mixes juggling, contact, martial arts, ballroom dancing and illusion in his versatile performances.   While best known for his Ethereal Juggling, Pandemonium showcases a variety of skill sets from fire

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013

Miss Foster

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013 Stilts

Morris Stilts

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013


V has performed professionally throughout the United States. With talents that scatter across the board, this firecracker is ready to make your night unforgettable! She is honored to appear in this second consecutive season with Kevin Larson Presents and would like to express the deepest gratitude to the company and for their continued encouragement and

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013

Rivers of Fire

Rivers has performed dance, cirque, and fire performing for hundreds of clients and venues. She has been featured on the cover of “Spotlight,” has appeared on the cover of “Rocky Mountain News,” the cover of “Perfect Digital Photography,” as well as appearing in several national and international magazines, and her TV appearances include ABC’s Orange

  • Photo of Performer for NYE Denver 2013


Performer, Dancer, Entertainer. Looking forward to another exciting performance at the the White Rose Gala and Champagne Hotel Denver CO 2012

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013

Miss Hazel

Hazel  has been dancing since  age 2 and started clowning classes when she was 8. She was in poms and cheerleading in high school and currently Gogo dance and performs a grinding routine with an angle grinder and metal plates. Alisha currently is a dancer for HOT 107.1. Alisha has had the opportunity to perform

Victorian Erotica Ball 2013

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Kevin Larson

Kevin Larson has been in the events business for 17 years managing conception & implementation of his own events as well as events for Budweiser, Redbull, Westin, Hyatt, Snowmass etc. A graduate of CU in Pre-med on “Dean’s List”, this Denver native has started and run several business from lingerie store to night clubs. No

  • Photo of Jodi Johnson by AF Photos LLC

Jodi Johnson

With over 12 years in the nightlife and administrative fields, Jodi brings a special kind of flair to our events.  Whether you’ve seen her at the front door welcoming guests or closely behind the mastermind Kevin Larson, she has been there from the lingerie store to night clubs. Raised in Denver, her services are now

  • KLP Photographer Denver

Chad Julius

Chad Julius has been providing C-Level Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Operations, & Photography services for Kevin Larson Presents for over 15 years. Driven to small businesses of Colorado Chad owns multiple companies including CMJ Consulting & AF Photos LLC, both Denver Colorado based. If you are lucky you will catch him behind the

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013

Alexa Niccolls

Alexa did not know it then, but she was very fortunate growing up. Her family is English, but her father’s job has lead them to the Philippines, Hong Kong, England, Austria, and now to the USA. This extensive travel has allowed her to experience a number of different cultures and meet many wonderfully diverse people. Graduated

  • Promo Photo for NYE Denver 2013

Lisa Williams

Teaming up with Kevin Larson Presents in 2010, Lisa Williams has been an amazing addition! Handling marketing for national & international business  ventures, she is excited to have her home base be Denver, CO. Besides taking us to the higher level of marketing Lisa enjoys camping, skiing, backpacking & cooking.

  • Photo of Host for NYE Denver 2013

Dave Elkan

Dave Elkan Events and Promotions (DEEP) is excited to continue working with Kevin Larson Presents on bringing amazing events to the Denver area.