As an artist I started out life as an oil painter living in the old warehouse district in Denver CO. I still consider those days “The Good Old Days” before high prices in real estate chased all the artists out of the area. It was a time of creativity and geekdom in the city before the economy changed the neighborhood into a land of condos and dog parks.
After doing the starving artist thing for several years I went back to school and recieved a BA in Media Arts and Animation deciding I’d have a better shot creating art if I entered the land of pixel magic. Having a strong talent for 2D art I worked on honing my skills in such programs as Photoshop, painter, and Illustrator. I now consider myself a fiend with a wacom tablet. The wacom tablet and Ctrl – Z have forever spoiled me. Now when I paint on canvas I’m always looking for my keyboard so I can undo that last brush stroke.

Years have gone by . . . I have worked for two start-up gaming companies, as a consultant and part owner of an App design firm, and with an international company that designed Apps for Samsung smart TVs. Currently I work as a freelance artist and in many ways feel like I’ve gone back to the begining of pounding the pavement for my bread. For fun . . . I write supernatural fiction and publish my books on Nook and Kindle, try to build steampunk goggles, write sci fi TV pilots that will never be seen, and draw on my Wacom tablet spending way too many hours infront of my computer screen.

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